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Watch This If You Are Or Have Been A Victim, Or Want To Understand Domestic Abuse!!

I was sent this this morning by one of the most generous and lovely men who I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is the office manager of MYST, from whom I rent an office. He is however much more than an office manager to those of us who call MYST our base. He is and advisor, a mentor and a friend.

And he didn’t really understand the work I do at first. And like so many people, he told me he was really surprised that a girl like me had been a domestic abuse victim. I am privately educated, intelligent, articulate and confident. I am loud, bubbly and fun, and I am compassionate, caring and kind. And I am the polar opposite to the victim description most people would offer you.

It is time that whole communities realise that this can happen to anyone. There is no religious, racial, age, educational or financial barriers to domestic violence. Indeed, men can find themselves the victims too, as can people in same sex relationships.

This lady talks about it beautifully, and I think it will help both current and previous victims feel “normal”, I know I could relate to everything, as well as help family and friends understand what is going on in the mind of the victim. This could be one of the best 15 minutes you spend!!

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