Sefton and Liverpool Women in Business

We work in schools, colleges, academies and businesses to deliver courses and workshops to girls, mixed groups of young people and women on aspirations, self confidence, self esteem, perceptions, self employment, social enterprise, employability and careers, domestic violence and healthy relationships and much more.

“We feel passionately about providing girls and women with the information and confidence they need to make the right choice for themselves in life”.



Girls and mixed groups aged 14+



“In The Best Career For Me”

A proactive and adaptable course for girls and mixed groups, looking at individual skills, talents and passions, and how that translates to careers and futures, with emphasis on self employment, topped of with the best kind of learning – doing it for yourselves!  More info here


“My Future, My Way”

A bespoke course, tailor made on request to support a small group of girls with huge talent, personality and potential but in danger of being excluded and or removed from mainstream education due to challenging behaviour, attributed to barriers faced outside of school.  This course challenges their understanding of perceptions of young people, how barriers in life affect aspirations, and why self respect matters.  We also challenge participants to try completely new experiences and opportunities, which we help them find, to enhance their future prospects.  More info here

“In A Happy, Healthy Relationship”

A workshops designed to give young women and men all the information they need to keep themselves happy and healthy as they mature and developing new relationships.  More info here


 “Redundancy – Not a Dead End”

An ESF funded free course for Merseysiders who are unemployed or have been made redundant (or both!) and want to learn more about self employment.  More information here.




Girls and boys aged 11+

“Start Something Social”

SLWIB  offer this brand new workshop package to primary and secondary aged pupils on how to start your own social enterprise.  More info here




“Inspired to Enterprise”

Sefton & Liverpool Women in Business deliver a proactive and adaptable course women of all ages, looking at individual skills, talents and passions, and how that translates to careers and futures, with emphasis on self employment.  We pay particular attention to the barriers women face that prevent them starting their own business and how that affects their confidence.  More info here


 “Healthy Relationships”

SLWIB  deliver workshops designed to give women of all ages and backgrounds all the information they need to keep themselves happy and healthy in existing relationships as well as future relationships.  We have significant experience working with vulnerable women who may have been a victim of domestic violence in their past.  More info here




 “Inspired to Independence”

A course for female ex offenders which looks at how building a solid future and attaining financial independence will empower participants to support themselves and their children.  Achieved by building self confidence, raising aspirations, exploring employment and volunteering opportunities.  Participants learn about self employment and the basics to consider when setting up your own business, to make this an accessible option, as convictions often prevent women securing meaningful employment. Women are also taught how this helps them in becoming better role models to their children, thus lessening the likelihood of re-offending and reducing the revolving door phenomenon.  More info here




A brand new course in collaboration with The Bauer Academy, launching 6th October 2016 and aimed at female ex offenders on Merseyside.

Introducing disengaged and hard to reach women to the world of media, enabling them to engage with their community and support groups in order to create new opportunities for work.  More info here.


“Can You Reach Me”

Another brand new course in collaboration with The Bauer Academy.  More information here.


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