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A Readers Advice Regarding Social Services

The following excerpts are from contacts made by someone who has read the Social Services complaint letter in a previous blog. Now I have to tell you that I got a response relatively quickly and that the response I got was immediately one that recognised there had been a wholly inaccurate representation of myself, my children and my abuser. That was rectified quickly and I will later put the wording (with sensitive information removed) online to show there is hope out there for anyone else in the same boat.

It did however take me two years nearly to make the complaint,because I had no strength to fight after having to flee my abuser and leave behind the family home, not to mention file for divorce, deal with all the legal situation, handle the gossip and lies he and his family and some so called friends spread, and then begin a new relationship and fall pregnant phenomenally quickly (best thing that ever happened to me and my children by the way – she is the joy in our lives and repaired so much hurt) and then start a new home etc. etc. And at first, once I eventually found out it even existed, my abuser and his disgusting family had bandies it about all and sundry, and the damage had been done (temporary as it turns out in many instances – apparently more people are wise to the antics of domestic abusers than I realised!!).

However this readers comments have unearthed a few things of interest that I wasn’t aware of and I will try and get a response on the Domestic Violence Policy for you all. Here is what she has to say:

“Hi Steph, messaging regarding Sefton Social services.
I’m currently in the middle of a level two complaint against Sefton social services over a badly handled domestic abuse referral, I have already had an apology at level one. I stumbled across your blog today whilst researching to further my complaints against them. I thought the following info may help you. You are entitled to a copy of all held notes within Social services about you and your children, hand written and computer copies.
Get your copies and go through them with a fine tooth comb before you start your complaint. Insist on a level two complaint after level one, they try to fob you off at level one.
The HCPC is the governing body of social workers. You can report individual social workers to them and if misconduct is found they can be struck off the register. You can find HCPC website to research this further. The most interesting piece of information I have found is that Sefton social services do not seem to have a domestic violence policy. I have to confirm this 100 % but it may be something you may wish to pursue. The SS dept at Sefton is also staffed by numerous agency workers and newly qualified staff. The person I was sent had only been qualified for six months. Involve the MP in your case. Sefton social services is rotten to the core. They need fully investigating. If you need any further info, message me. Good luck.
PS read the social worker code of conduct, all social workers have to work within this framework. It will strengthen your case. Available on internet.”

Hope this is of some use to you ladies out there who are suffering or those of you trying to help your friends and family.

If nothing else this response prooves that as I suspected, more women are suffering in our region from domestic abuse and not getting the help they need get safe, stay safe and move on. Let this be a voice for those women. United we are stronger and can achieve more. Keep the information coming girls, you never know whose life you are going to change for the better!!

Steph xx

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